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5-Stand Sporting ®

            In 1985 Clay-Sport began creating 5-Stand Sporting specifically with the bird hunter in mind. This game was designed to be easy and inexpensive to fit onto any of the thousands of existing trap and skeet fields, and it was also designed to follow the same format and rotation as ATA trap to make it easy to follow for the shooters of these popular shooting disciplines.

            The original game was played with no menu cards, which meant the shooters didn’t know which throwers the clay targets were coming from, making the game more like hunting, but much more fun as well… All the targets were highly visible since they passed over a central area on the playing field, and the shooters relied on their instinctive shooting skills to break them.      When the National Skeet Shooting Association (NSSA) and National Sporting Clays Association (NSCA) took over 5-Stand in America however, they adopted menu cards to make the game more regimented, like skeet.

            Today, 5-Stand Sporting has been adopted by the Federation Internationale de Tir aux Armes Sportives de Chasse (FITASC), and with minor rule changes, they call their version Compak Sporting. Regardless, the game is now played in virtually every clay target shooting country in the world.

5-Stand Sporting is a registered trademark of Clay-Sport International Inc.


            While creating 5-Stand Sporting Clay-Sport felt that television could play a key role in changing the negative opinions of the non-shooting public and attract significant numbers of new people to the shooting sports. However, Clay-Sport felt that 5-Stand lacked some key visual elements to make this attractive enough to the television viewer; elements that are fairly common in other successful outdoor sports. So, in 1990 Clay-Sport began developing Make-A-Break, and incorporated these elements into the game that would make it viewer friendly and encourage audience participation.

            To date, Make-A-Break has been in four shows on ESPN (the largest sports television channel in North America ) as part of the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s (NSSF) Shooting Sports America series.

            And now, Make-A-Break has just been filmed in perhaps the biggest shooting show of all time (see attached article). The show featured visual technologies that are typically seen at the largest concerts and stage productions, and is intended to provide the shooting sports with a much needed image boost…

Make-A-Break is a registered trademark of Clay-Sport International Inc.

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European Style Driven Game Birds

            To many shooters, flying to Great Britain or Europe to shoot driven birds (usually pheasant, grouse or partridge) is the ultimate shooting challenge and pleasure. However, this sport is usually prohibitively expensive for most shooters. Apart from the travel costs for those shooters living outside of those countries, the actual costs to shoot the birds are for very affluent shooters only.

            Clay-Sport identified some time ago that this sport could be enjoyed virtually in any country, and could be done for a fraction of the cost. Consequently, CSI has now produced a format for closely replicating the extraordinary driven bird shooting experience which until now has only been within the financial reach of only a few.

Simulated Bird Hunting

            Based on the popular ‘flush’ style clay target shooting games found in the U.K. during the 70’s and 80’s, Clay-Sport has developed shooting layout’s that are designed as extremely realistic bird hunting scenarios, which are enjoyable to shoot, fun to watch, and very lucrative for the commercial range owner... Scenarios such as a Decoyed Duck Pond, a Quail Flush, Driven Pheasants or Driven Red Grouse (as shot in the U.K. and Europe ), or a typical Dove Field.

            Natural, realistic habitats and situations for each bird species are designed into each layout, and the clay target trajectories accurately mimic those of the birds flight paths. Each game can be played individually or with up to three shooters. When installed with the Birdbrain controller it even has a ‘hands free’, automatic function where an operator is not required; which is ideal for the private owner who can enjoy ‘hunting’ alone…

Multi-Use Activities

            For a number of years Clay-Sport has been producing site plans and facility designs that make more comprehensive use of our clients’ lands so as to maximise the site’s potential and produce additional income.

            These typically entail incorporating other sports and activities that compliment the outdoor nature of shooting but do not require a large capital expense. As an added benefit, they appeal to a broad cross-section of the public, many of whom have not shot before. The net effect is that these additional activities each create a profit centre for the facility, whilst attracting many newcomers to the shooting sports.

Birdbrain® Controller

            While Clay-Sport was creating and developing its games during its’ early years of business, it soon became apparent that these games were going to be too cumbersome to operate with some push buttons and a pencil and piece of paper. Some form of electronic controller was the obvious solution, and consequently, after three years of research and development Clay-Sport produced the Birdbrain System electronic controller.

            Once again Clay-Sport showed innovative, creative thinking and played a leading role in the industry, since electronic controllers soon became essential equipment at many ranges. The Birdbrain was quickly copied by many companies, but to this day it still has features and time saving devices that none of the competition can match.

Birdbrain is a registered trademark of Clay-Sport International Inc.