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Clay-Sport International Inc. (CSI) is a full service consulting company which has been designing and developing premier shooting and multi-use recreation facilities in a number of countries since 1987. Our professional design team has extensive experience in all aspects of facility design and development, and our primary objective is to maximise the potential of each project. However, we maintain a strong commitment to stewardship of the land and to maintaining its character and integrity, and we demonstrate a careful respect and sensitivity to the surrounding environment. Regardless of the size of project, our focus is always on what will best suit or meet our client’s needs, but will also remain environmentally and economically viable.

Amongst our most notable achievements to date are our multi activity resort designs and improved facility standards, our unique multi-skill level sporting clays course techniques, the creation of the clay target shooting games 5-Stand Sporting and Make-A-Break, our simulated bird hunting layouts, and the development of the first of the sophisticated electronic controllers, called the Birdbrain System. Added to this, the CSI team of professionals has also acted as consultants in various capacities to a number of the world’s leading shooting organizations.

Clay-Sport has undoubtedly made a tremendous worldwide contribution to the clay target shooting sports by creating the games 5-Stand Sporting and Make-A-Break, and in pioneering design standards and features that today are being incorporated at many facilities. Our long term mission however, is to provide the best professional, creative design and development services available anywhere today for recreational shooting and outdoor sports.

That, we hope, will be our lasting legacy…